Training - Fear of failure

  • Feeling too tense and nervous regarding your studies?
  • Do you panic before or during tests or presentations?
  • Is it difficult to combine your studies with a healthy lifestyle?


In this training (3 sessions of 2 hours each) you will learn to deal with your fear of failure so that you can perform better as a student and can improve your wellbeing.


At the end of this training course, you will be able to...

  • explain what fear of failure is and identify personal thoughts and beliefs that increase your fear of failure.
  • challenge these limiting thoughts and conduct a behavioural experiment.
  • improve focus and improve a general healthy lifestyle by relaxation.


Opinions of other students on the training Fear of failure:

“I learned what is behind my fear of failure and how I can work with it in the future.”

“It helped me to talk to fellow students who experience similar struggles.”


Cancellation arrangement
If you are not able to attend in the first session, please be aware that you cannot register for this training!
In case you cannot attend in the second or third session please send an email 24 hours before the start to:


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