Workshop - CV & Letter of application

  • What are the purposes of a CV and letter of application?
  • What should I include, and what not?
  • How should my CV and letter of application look?
  • How do I make my CV and letter of application stand out? 


In this workshop, you identify the relevant steps in an application and selection process. Firstly, you learn how to identify your unique selling points by evaluating how you match the vacancy. Subsequently, by taking on the role of the employer, you find out about their requirements for a CV and letter of application. You receive feedback on your CV and letter of application, with tips on producing a structured and accessible CV, and write a compelling and convincing application letter.



For this workshop, you need to do a homework assignment. You will receive this assignment in the confirmation email as soon as you have registered for the workshop.


After this workshop, you will be able to…

  • distinguish the relevant steps in a recruitment and selection process;
  • evaluate your match with a vacancy and identify your unique selling points;
  • identify the needs and demands of the employer concerning the application documents; and
  • produce a structured and accessible CV, & write a compelling and convincing letter of application, according to guidelines and requirements.


Opinions of other students on CV & Letter of Application:

  • The exercise to exchange CV and letters with each other and give feedback.”
  • The fact that we had the opportunity to compare our CVs & motivation letters with the others and receive feedback.”
  • The in-depth analyses of how to write and structure an application letter.”
  • Practical approach.”



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