Preparing for a job interview

  • What questions can I expect during an (online) job interview?
  • How do I keep my nerves under control and how do I answer every question?
  • What clothes do I wear and how do I make a good first impression?
  • What questions could I ask during a job interview?


Do you recognize these questions or do you have other questions about a job interview? Sign up for this workshop!



Think about questions you find difficult to answer. Bring these to the workshop.


At the end of this training, you will be able to...

  • analyse the key elements that have an impact on your first impression
  • identify the most common selection criteria and generic job interview questions, and formulate constructive answers to them
  • present convincing examples of relevant experience by using the STARR model
  • recall and apply tips and tools to feel more relaxed during the interview


Dress code

Suitable clothing is required. Wear the clothes you would wear for a real job interview!


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In the meantime...

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