Lecture - Networking skills


  • Why it’s essential to network?
  • How to network in a room full of strangers?
  • How can I use my network to find out more about interesting job openings?
  • What can I offer to my network?


The importance of networking for your career cannot be underestimated. It is the best way to get detailed information about the job market, job openings, and job opportunities. And the way to present yourself professionally. So, how do you network?
This lecture provides hands-on tips that help you build a network that supports you in your transition from university into the job market.


At the end of this lecture, you will be able to...

  • reflect on the purpose and value of networking
  • recognize and avoid the common and your personal pitfalls
  • apply tips to connect genuinely and effectively with interesting people
  • introduce yourself as a professional to others and grow your professional network

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Opinions of other students on Networking skills:

  • “This lecture made me feel much more comfortable about networking.”
  •  “That we could think about our brand, what makes us unique and our qualities.”
  • “The networking games were great for practice.”


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