Workshop - Creativity

  • Am I creative?
  • Can I improve my creative thinking?
  • How can I use my creative thinking in my studies/during assignments?


Everyone can think creatively. So the question is not whether you 'are' creative, but how you can improve creative thinking and how you can break through traditional thinking patterns or conventions.

During this interactive workshop, you get the chance to discover your creativity and bend it to your will.

We will play with different forms of creative thinking - based on this, you will gain insight into how you can give creativity a place in yo.ur daily life and what you need to be able to do that.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to...

  • identify situations that ask for creativity;
  • name different creative techniques and apply them.


Opinions of other students on Creativity:

  • "I liked that we were challenged to think more out of the box during the exercises.”
  • "I liked that the workshop showed me many possible ways to solve a problem."
  • "We saw different examples of creative thinking and we had the chance to try them out during the sessions."


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