Welcome at the registration page for EU4Algae: the new Algae Initiative

Fees for this webinar are €599 (regular fee) and €399 for EABA members. The fees will be increased €100 five days prior to the webinar. EABA members make use of the reduced membership rate. First click 'Yes I am a member' and your membership number will be shown, if not please use your membership number as found on your EABA invoice in the registration form to obtain the reduced fee. When you are interested to become a member, please ask. For more info: lisandra.meinerz@eaba-association.org.


Instructions for your participation in the webinar, Zoom link etc. will be sent to you some days before the start of the webinar.

Additionally there is a dinner the evening before, we recommend it to you for networking purposes, Please register to participate at this dinner (can be with an extra person). The fee for the dinner is € 35 and let us have your dieet wishes please.

€ 399.00
€ 35.00

Total: € 399.00

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy