Social Safety training

For boards of study and student associations, and confidential advisors (part 2 in their training)

This tailor-made training focuses on social safety. 

Specifically, we address the fact that different people can have different experiences in the same environment. Together we discuss the role you have as representatives. 
In the second part of the training we discuss cases of recognizable situations of sexual misconduct and share experiences about how you can best deal with these situations or how you might prevent them. 
Related to these cases, we practice how to have a good and safe conversation with victims or others who speak out. So that they feel supported and you feel confident in doing this. 

Instructional methods:
During an intake interview, we discuss with one of two spokespersons some cases or situations in advance, so that the trainers can prepare for the specific situations that occur with you. 

Tuesday September 27 - 13.00-17.00h 

Location: Tapijn, TAPX building 23, serre (room 0.110)
Hubertuslaan 12, Maastricht


This training will be given by: Sex matters

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