Workshop - Entering the labour market with a disability and/or chronic disease

Entering the labour market and finding the job that fits you can be challenging, sometimes even more so when you have exceptional needs and abilities due to a disability or to a chronic disease or health condition.

This workshop addresses the challenges specific to finding and applying for a job for a student with a disability, a chronic disease or health condition – ranging from recognizing your personal competencies, to identifying job opportunities that fit your unique needs, abilities and talents, and the job application process. And most importantly: to find a job you really like and fits you!

If you have different needs and abilities due to a: 
-    disability (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD, autism, a mental health issue…)

- (chronic) illness (e.g., diabetes) or health condition, or recovering from one

- How do I approach finding a job that fits me, matching with my personal needs and abilities? 
- How do I market myself and highlight my extraordinary talents?
- When I apply for a position, should I mention in my application letter or CV that I have dyslexia?
- What do I have to disclose about my different ability and what not? And when? 
- How can I ask for facilities in the application procedure, such as getting more time for the interview?  
- And what about my legal rights regarding employer’s adaptations to the working environment? 

There are no ready-made answers to most of these questions, but in this workshop we will give you tools to determine what works for you in your specific situation. We also offer the opportunity to exchange experiences with other students during this workshop.
In this workshop, you will:
•    Gain insight in the job application process.
•    Get to recognize your distinguishing talents and competencies as an employee. 
•    Learn how to identify jobs and employers that fit your needs, abilities and talents.   
•    Discover best practices in the application process, and evaluate their suitability to you.  
•    Get information about your legal rights and the employer’s obligations with regard to recruiting, hiring and employing employees with a disability, chronic disease or health condition.  



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