Register to become a buddy during the introduction FHML 2022

Dear current FHML student,

Please fill out this form to become a buddy during the introduction FHML 2022. You will be free to choose when you want to help.

Your task will be guide the new FHML students through their introduction. The main goals of our introduction are:
 - providing information about what the new students need to be able to start with their study programme
- familiar with the systems (UM Systems training: Student Portal, Education Booking, AskFHML)  
- getting to know the campus (where to find what)
- get to know each other (fellow students and staff)

The introduction will be held from Monday August 29 until Friday September 2.

Thank you for your help and your reaction in advance!
Sabine and Cassandra
Marketing and Communications
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences