X!LEAD Event | Leverage your innovation potential

Join the X!LEAD Event | Leverage your innovation potential

at The Green Village on June 29 from 15:00 till 18:00


Join our event to discover how you can leverage your innovation potential. The talents of 2022 will give a pitch about their start-up experience, and together with professor Frido Smulders the talents of 2021 will inspire you in their final joined presentation on accelerating innovation in various contexts. 

All our talents are at a turning point in their X!LEAD journey; the group of 2021 is finishing their third and final project at one of our corporate partners. They will be X!LEAD alumni from September and take the next step in their careers. The group of 2022 is halfway through their start-up projects and will continue their journey at a corporate from September. 

The event takes place in the Co-Creation Centre at The Green Village.

The Green Village is a partner of the X!LEAD programme, and the place to be for researchers, students, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and government bodies to work on current and future innovation challenges. The focus lies in the following three themes: sustainable building and renovation, future energy systems and climate-adaptive cities.