Seminar day 2022


Dear colleague,

We are now just weeks away from the summer break. That means it’s time for the last Seminar Day of this academic year. Traditionally, this last Seminar Day is a day of fun.

Our base will be Arminius, the beautiful church and national monument near to the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum. After starting the day with a cup of coffee or tea, a few RBS students will showcase what they have learnt from us and achieved during this year in class, which might well surprise you. This will be followed by lunch, after which we will play some games together in teams. Please make sure that you wear comfortable clothes! We end the day with drinks, during which we will raise our glasses to Myrga, Eva, Renske, Frans, Marion to say goodbye, and to Janet who is celebrating her anniversary. 

For this annual Seminar Day, the turnout is usually the highest, so we expect that you will be joining us. If you cannot make it, please inform your manager.