The course takes place over 2 days: July 5 and July 12, 2022

On day 1, we provide a basic introduction to machine learning for imaging, ranging from classification to regression. We introduce basic building blocks to build your first neural network, in both real-valued and complex-valued domains. Once the neural networks are defined, we will talk about training procedures, loss functions, and database selection. The presented building blocks are then linked to MR image reconstruction. We have a quick recap of the basics in MRI reconstruction, and we will then see the basic building blocks in action. Recent developments and applications on machine learning in MR reconstruction are highlighted. Hands-on examples are provided, including guided tutorials, and tasks that are carried out as homework.
On day 2, we present the solutions to the homework. We end our course with presentations of invited speakers, talking about efficient learning strategies and practical implementations of machine learning applications in MRI.


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