The annual Faculty Trip – a longstanding tradition – will take place on Thursday September 29, 2022, from 15.00 hrs. You are all warmly invited!

This time, we stay in the vicinity of our faculty and explore the underground world and the fortifications of our beautiful city, and spend time together with some drinks and nice food.


15.00 hrs:        coffee or tea with cake at the Tapijn

15.45 hrs:        a short walk to the starting point of one of the three activities
                         (so we separate in three groups)

16.00 hrs:        start of the guided tour at three different locations

17.00 hrs:        end of the guided tour, walk back to the Tapijn

17.30 hrs:        drinks and a ‘walking dinner’ at The Tapijn


You can chose between three interesting activities. All three are within a short walking distance of the Tapijn (but of course you can also take your bike). The activities will last one hour.

1. The Casemates Waldeck

A 14 km long network of underground passageways and mine galleries dating from the 18th century. Of course we will only explore a small part of this huge network.

2. Fort St. Pieter

The castle on the St.Pieter hill, which dates from the year 1700 and was part of the military fortifications. Everybody knows this fort, but have you ever been inside and on the roof?

3. The North Caves

A network of tunnels, made to win marl, deep below the St.Pieter hill. And did you know that the art collection of the Rijksmuseum was hidden here, during the WWII? You can find more information on


Please register for this joyful day before September 9, 2022, and make your choice for one of the three activities. Each activity has an English and a Dutch speaking guide, so please tell us your language of preference.

Do all join us on this special Faculty day!