The YUFE Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) 'Building Open Programmes in education at a European level' for university staff consists of :

 a 5 day on-site mandatory part taking place at Maastricht University from  26 – 30 September 2022  and a mandatory part of 4 online sessions on 10 October, 14 October, 17 October, 21 October 2022. Participants need to apply for Erasmus+ staff BIP exchange funds at their home university for their participation in this BIP.

Open Programmes have an added value compared to traditional programmes or courses in that they allow for personalised (European) learning paths and more inclusive education especially when delivered with a combination of methods (physical/online/hybrid) and jointly offered by several universities in a European Universities alliance consortium. Open Programmes, once fully operational, allow for seamless multilateral mobility, encourage transdisciplinary and multinational teaching and learning and encompass the development of a new, inclusive and student-centred learning opportunity. The European level adds personalised and challenge-based learning at multiple universities in a multicultural setting.

This blended intensive programme (BIP) intends:

  • to explore the principle of Open Programmes in education
  • to identify lessons learned from past experiences including setting up open programmes in a traditionally disciplinary setting
  • to learn more about the role of assessing and evaluating, and teaching to students in a 2nd language
  • to strengthen the integration of online education within Open Programmes
  • to discuss challenges and hurdles.

This with the aim to allow each participant to reflect on their own university practices and to work on creating a possible blueprint and roadmap for integration of open programmes at their (YUFE) university.

Target audience: 

This blended intensive programme is open to University staff e.g. Programme directors, educational experts, teachers, (YUFE) Student Journey representatives, (YUFE) minor coordinators. Please note that participants need to apply for Erasmus+ staff BIP exchange funds at their home university for their participation in this BIP. Participants will also need to participate in the mandatory online sessions afterwards.