THU 29 SEPT (start date changed), AND 6 AND 13 OCT – 19:30 TO 21:30
Karl Dittrich Hall, Student Services Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2 

Robert Serry
First Netherlands Ambassador to Ukraine

On the 24th of February Russia invaded Ukraine. What was Putin’s motive to do this? How will the conflict develop and how can it be resolved? And finally, will the Ukrainians be able to fulfil the huge task of rebuilding their country and what role can be played by the EU and other international organisations? In this series Robert Serry will trace back the historical origins of the war, discuss possible scenarios for ending the war and look into the future of Ukraine.

Robert Serry was the first Netherlands Ambassador to Ukraine and has held senior positions with NATO and the UN in conflict management in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He is chairman of the Dutch foundation OpenDoorUkraine.nl. In this lecture series, he will elaborate on the Russian-Ukrainian war. Why has Putin started this war? What are the historical origins of the conflict? How can the conflict be resolved: what are the possible scenarios and potential negotiation strategies for ending the war?


29 September 2022

19:30 - 21:30

1. Looking Back: How did the Unthinkable Happen and What are the Historical Origins of the Conflict?

06 October 2022

19:30 - 21:30

2. History in the Making: Possible Scenarios and Potential Negotiation Strategies for Ending the War

13 October 2022

19:30 - 21:30

3. Rebuilding Ukraine and the Key Role of the EU and other International Organisations