07 November 2022

20:00 - 21:30


Debate Café: Borders
with Universalis and Global Studies Community



Dominicanen Bookshop, Dominicanerkerkstraat 1


The Debate Café covers important developments in science and society. It’s a meeting place for experts, researchers, experience experts and students. A panel will talk about current societal issues from their expertise point of view to shape our minds. The audience is also invited to participate and go into debate with the panel to exchange ideas. The Debate Café is in an informal setting.


This debate is about borders and issues related to this theme like migration, refugees, border control and border conflict. Of course, we will narrow this down. The specific topic will be announced on our website.


This Debate Café ties in with the exhibition No Access, organized by Viewmaster Projects in the former NATO-Headquarters De Cannerberg. This video art and media exhibition about border control and migration can be seen until 13 November. More info www.viewmaster-projects.com