12 December 2022

20:00 - 21:30


The 'War on Terror' at 21: Reflections from Practice

MON 12 DECEMBER, 20:00

Auditorium, Tongersestraat 53


Prof. Helen Duffy

Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, University of Leiden


For the past 21 years, the global ‘war on terror’ has had a profound impact on human rights and rule and law around the globe, and triggered a vast array of national, regional and international human rights litigation in response. Helen Duffy will discuss what she sees as key characteristics of the ‘war on terror’ today, illustrated by reference to examples from her own international litigation practice in this field and the stories of real human beings affected by terrorism and counter-terrorism and their quest for justice. The lecture will reflect on the human rights challenges arising in this field, and the role and limits of strategic litigation in addressing them.