~ sex matters ~


when: Wednesday 18 January 2023 | 11:00 - 13:00


(6211 ME Maastricht)

Room: 11 I0.011

who: Peggy Timmermans

what to expect: 

  • discussion about sexism, homophobia and racism 
  • training on how to stand up for yourself and others 
  • impact of "small and innocent" sexiest, racist and homophobic remarks on you  
  • how to recognise these situations and how to react 


We all come across discrimination. Whether it's directed at us or anyone else, unfortunately it's almost everywhere. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself! Speaking-up is about sexism, homophobia and racism. The starting point of the training is that it is unfair that victims of discrimination and harassment have to be the ones to stand up for themselves. During the Speaking-Up training, you will learn how to stand up for others in a positive and valuable way, and what you can achieve by doing so. We go into what sexist, racist and homophobic remarks are and what it does to you when these (sometimes seemingly innocent/small) remarks are directed at you. Participants learn to recognise situations and how to respond effectively. Victims of discrimination feel seen and supported, so harassment and discrimination can be addressed.