TU Delft Health Initiative
Fundamentals of Onco-Tech Symposium

9 February 2023


Aim of the Symposium

Delft Health Initiative (DHI) Mission for the OncoTech Theme

Cancer is a high-impact disease affecting more than 100,000 new patients in the Netherlands each year. Disease presentation is complex and unique for each individual patient, requiring individualized multimodality diagnosis and treatment approaches for a best, or even an acceptable, outcome. The challenges in this domain need pioneering technologies for which interdisciplinary teamwork is needed to make the difference.

The DHI focus is therefore to connect the upcoming generation of researchers and PhD students interested in Oncology Tech, Neurology Tech, Cardiology Tech; diseases that have a high social impact and cause the highest healthcare expenditure. Together we can find avenues towards building successful impact.


Be inspired by our speakers and discuss your ideas during the break-out sessions

During the Delft Health Initiative Onco-Tech Symposium, you will be inspired by speakers on the latest topics in OncoTech, and you will get the opportunity to discuss and meet with the other participants during the four break-out sessions, lunchtime and drinks at the end of the day.


Connect and accelerate the rhythm at which you meet other colleagues!

A speed-dating session is also planned to accelerate the connections among the participants. Get ready to pitch your own research interests at a glance in an informal and convivial setting!

Present your research and win an iPad!

You want to share your own research during the poster session? That is possible!

During the DHI OncoTech Symposium, there is the possibility for participants to showcase their research during a poster competition and run the chance to win an brand-new iPad!! A jury will nominate a winner during the closing speech who will be rewarded with a price. A wide range of OncoTech researchers from TU Delft, and our partners in Leiden and Rotterdam are expected to be present.

Funding advisors in the OncoTech domain will be present as well. Do you have an interactive prototype or interesting research to show? Apply for a space on the exhibition floor now.


This event is for free, but spots are limited. Make sure you register now!