Language Café in February

The Language Cafés take place once a month for anybody who is interested to join for free. During these sessions you can get in touch with other students from all around the world, discover new customs and cultures, as well as learn a new language you have always wanted to speak. This time, however, the attention will be paid especially to the different cultures and traditions. You are more than welcome to a create a short presentation (around 5 minutes long) about the country/place where you are coming from, its traditions or anything else interesting - perhaps even some generally unknown fun facts. To stay on topic with what the Language Cafés are usually about, you can also include some basics or curiosities of your native language. Registrations are this time mandatory, so that we can estimate how long the event will take and how many people to expect. This event will be taking place on Wednesday, February 15 from 16:00 until 18:00 at the Groene zaal (Green hall, UNS50).