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Staffdevelopment UTQ sessions: Kick off and Intake 

Wednesday 8/03/2023 13.30-15.30 by Nicole Kornet
Thursday 16/03/2023 09.00-11.00 by Nicole Kornet

If the above-mentioned dates do not suit you, then sign up for the next UTQ Kick-Off and Intake Session which will take place in May. 

MODULE 2 vision on education

Part 1: Info and journal club 
Tuesday 21/03/2023 11.00-13.00h 
Wednesday 29/03/2023 09.00h-11.00h

Part 2: CCCS in the bachelor ELS and Dutch Law (Rechtsgeleerdheid) 
Wednesday 29/03/2023 13.30h-15.30h 
Wednesday 05/04/2023 13.30h-15.30h 

Part 3: CCCS Boundaries or opportunities 
Thursday 06/04/2023 09.00h-11.00h 
Friday 14/04/2023 13.30h-15.30h 

In preparation please find the preparatory tasks in Canvas which you must upload to Canvas in advance of the meeting. Your completed Self-Assessment and educational CV will also be part of your UTQ portfolio. 

UTQ self-assessment form in English: Intake UM UTQ BKO self-assessment form.docx or Dutch: Intake UM BKO UTQ zelfbeoordelingsformulier.docx

If you have questions, please contact Nicole Kornet.

Thank you for your registration.