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Fees for this live webinar in GENEVA, CH is € 599 (regular fee) and € 399 for EABA members. EABA members make use of the reduced membership rate. First click: ''Yes I am a member', and your membership number will be shown. If not please use your membership number as found on your EABA invoice in the registration form to obtain the reduced fee. When you are interested to become a member, please ask for more info: lisandra.meinerz@eaba-association.org.

You can participate in the dinner evening on May 8th, this is a three course dinner including drinks, the additional fee is € 60. Highly recommended for networking purposes!

The organisers keep the right to cancel or postpone the event in case of insufficient registrations. You will be informed at least 4 days in advance when this is the case.

The programme and route descriptions will be available on the website some weeks in advance. The instructions for your participation in the workshop, the final programme and the list of attendees will be send to you a view days in advance. 

€ 599.00
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Total: € 599.00

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 event registration made easy