Do you work hard, but always focus on what is not finished or what is not good enough? Are you afraid to make mistakes, do you always set the bar higher for yourself and do you tend to want to control everything? Are you critical towards yourself and others? Do you find it difficult to relax because you constantly have the feeling you have to do something useful?

Then you might suffer from perfectionistic traits.

In this workshop student advisers would like to make you more aware in an interactive way of what perfectionism is, how it can control you and how you can start to deal with it differently. Do you recognize yourself in the above description but don't think you have time for a training like this? Then maybe that confirms the perfectionist in you :) ; break it!

Please note that this is basic training on perfectionism. If there are more serious mental issues involved for which you may have already been in treatment an individual appointment with a studentadviser might be more suitable.