06 April 2023

13:30 - 13:35


UNS40 C0.553 

Leo J. Schouten, Assoc. Professor, Epidemiology

13:35 - 14:20

Lieke Scheepers, PhD

UNS40 C0.553

(Postdoctoral researcher at Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Hobart, Tasmania, alumnus MSc Epidemiology 2011-2012):
The Butterfly effect

14:20 - 14:30

Short break 

14:30 - 15:15

Frits van Osch, PhD

UNS40 C0.553 

Epidemiologist, post-doctoral researcher, science office Viecuri Hospital, Venlo, alumnus Health Sciences Research Master 2012-2014)

15:15 - 15:25

Frits van Osch, PhD

UNS40 C0.553 

What can the Netherlands Epidemiological Society do for you?

15:25 - 15:30

Introduction of Alumni

UNS40 C0.553

Stevie Hendriks / Julia de Kok / Tom Kugener / Nadira Querido / Queeny Robalo

15:35 - 15:45

Group Photograph

Outside UNS40

15:45 - 17:00

Meet and Greet

UNS40 Drielandenpunt

Meet Epidemiology's alumni and the speakers of today during the meet and greet with drinks.

- Stevie Hendriks, Netherlands, MSc Epidemiology 2017-2018, post-doc at the Alzheimer Centre, Maastricht University

- Julia de Kok, Netherlands, MSc Epidemiology 2020-2021, Process and Technology Analyst, Deloitte 

- Tom Kugener, Luxembourg, MSc Epidemiology 2021-2022, Researcher/PhD at the Luxembourgish Focal Point of the Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addictions, Luxembourg 

- Nadira Querido, MSc Epidemiology 2020-2021, PhD candidate at the department of Epidemiology, Maastricht University

- Queeny Robalo, Belgium, MSc Epidemiology 2021-2022, Epidemiologist COVID-19 Hospital surveillance at Sciensano (Belgium)

- and Frits van Osch