Human Rights of Future Generations

Dominicanen Bookstore, Domincanerkerkstraat 1


Jan van de Venis, LMM
Owner JustLaw, focused on Human Rights and Sustainable Development


When talking about human rights, we often talk about present situations for various groups. We look ahead, but hardly beyond our own generation. Should we not also consider those who don’t have a voice yet? How can we use the present to the best of our abilities to preserve human life in the future? How can we protect, safeguard and restore the commons and natural resources for our future generations if we are not able to use and share them equally and responsibly today? Maastricht University has taken the initiative to draft a legal expert opinion (the Maastricht

Principles) which explains the human rights of future generations so that they powerfully address the serious risks that have been imposed on future people. These Principles will be explained and discussed during this debate. Jan van de Venis will give an introduction. Other panelists will be announced on our website.


This debate is part of the Human Right Week Maastricht from 22 to 26 May.




24 May 2023

20:00 - 21:30