Climate Resilience


TUE 25 APRIL, 20:00

Auditorium, Minderbroedersberg 4-6


Prof. dr. Maarten van Aalst
Director-General & Chief Science Officer, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI); Professor in Climate and Disaster Resilience, University of Twente; Coordinating Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); and former Director of the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Climate Centre.


Until recently, we saw climate change as a problem that had consequences for the distant future, but that is not the case at all any more. The global warming of 1.1 degrees we have seen so far is already causing an increase in extreme weather and thus leaving the fingerprint of climate change in heat waves, floods, droughts and forest fires all over the world. A growing number of people are personally experiencing the effects of the climate crisis. If global warming continues, the risks will keep on increasing.


In this lecture, Maarten van Aalst tells us what awaits us and how we can prepare for the impact of extreme weather and climate change. What can the Netherlands expect? What does it mean for developing countries if they have to call more and more often on humanitarian emergency aid and international funding for rebuilding? Will climate-smart planning help us, and what does that mean in the short term? How can we link scientific knowledge, policy (from the UN climate accord to local planning) and practice?



25 April 2023

20:00 - 21:30