Based on this questionnaire, we can guide you as good as possible with the event. It is important that the mandatory questions (*) are filled in. The other questions are optional.

Below you can see an example of the welcome page, where the logo, the title and the subtitle will appear.


By default you will see the images below BEFORE the stream starts and AFTER the stream




Download the file above to fill in the program. We will then get started with this. You do not have to enter a URL for 'Realtime video' , because this means that you show the presentation through our platform as being one of the speakers. Below you can upload the file (completed) again. Download bovenstaande bestand om het programma in te vullen. Wij gaan hier dan mee aan de slag. Voor ´Realtime video´ hoef je geen URL in te vullen, dit betekent namelijk dat je via ons Eventplatform de presentatie laat zien als sprekers zijnde. Hieronder kun je het bestand (ingevuld) weer uploaden.




Every event has its own ID in

This ID/number is visible in the url-bar when you are logged in to your event. Haven´t created an event yet? Then we would like to ask you to do this beforehand, so we can do the preparations on the correct event. 

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