About the event

We happily invite you to the e4BatteryDelft launch event on Thursday, May 11, from 14:00 – 17:30, at The Green Village on TU Delft Campus! Submerge yourself in recent developments in battery technology and connect to key private and public stakeholders in the energy transition. 

One of the critical challenges in the energy transition is the need for efficient and flexible ways to store and transport renewable energy. Batteries play a central role in this challenge, for which much research and innovation are still needed. That's where e4BatteryDelft comes in!

At the event, Paulien Herder, dean of Applied Sciences, will present our initiative's vision and mission. We will expand on that during interviews with TU Delft researchers and industry partners. After that, we organise an Oxford debate to explore various viewpoints on the development and use of batteries. All attendees will participate in this debate, and everyone can submit a statement via the registration form. 

At the knowledge fair, you can interact with researchers and start-ups from our ecosystem and visit the battery projects at The Green Village. 


14:00 - 14:30 Walk-in 

14:30 - 14:35 Welcome and opening 

14:35 - 14:45 Public positioning e4batteryDelft: who are we? 

Paulien Herder (Dean of Applied Sciences, TU Delft). Paulien will present e4batteryDelft, the initiative that brings together all TU Delft researchers on battery technology and elaborates on its mission and vision for the future of battery technologies developed in Delft.

14:45 - 14:55 Positioning of e4battery in the NL and EU landscape: how do we relate to others?

Rutger van Poppel (Programme Manager, Battery Competence Cluster-NL): Rutger will provide an overview of the battery technology research and developments in The Netherlands and Europe and explain how the e4batteryDelft fits into that landscape.

14:55 - 15:40 Duo interviews:

Pavol Bauer (Head of the section DC Systems & Storage, EEMCS Faculty at TU Delft) and Arjan van Voorden (Expert Asset Management, Stedin): Having a working battery is one thing. Incorporating and managing it in the energy grid efficiently is another. Pavol and Arjan will discuss the role and importance of batteries in our energy grid and share how they collaborate in solving the many challenges that come across.

Shoshan Abrahami (Assistant Professor, 3ME Faculty at TU Delft) and David Peck (Associate Professor, Architecture Faculty at TU Delft): Reusing batteries and giving them a second life leads to economic and environmental benefits. For the same reason, recycling technologies need to be developed at the earliest stage possible. Shoshan and David will share the importance and challenges of these steps.

Marnix Wagemaker (Professor and head of the battery research group Storage of Electrochemical Energy, Faculty of Applied Sciences at TU Delft) and Norah Hornsveld (CTO, HyET Lithium): Most of the current electrochemical batteries are based on Lithium-ion. Because of their high energy density, they are very powerful, relatively lightweight, and rechargeable, and they can be paired with various other metals. Nevertheless, there are many challenges in developing the next generation of Li-ion batteries and making these types of batteries safer. Norah and Marnix will elaborate on how they collaborate in addressing these challenges and whether it is necessary to consider other kinds of electrochemistry.

Meet our speakers

15:40 - 16:00 Oxford debate

Explore various viewpoints on the development and use of batteries, and submit your statement via the registration form

16:00 - 17:30 Drinks and networking at our knowledge fair 

Meet with eMagy or Maeve Aerospace, join a tour at The Green Village, interact with researchers and start-ups and meet fellow private and public stakeholders.

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