Work, Health and Career online Q&A and workshop Preventing Burnout

We are organising an online event for the master's programme Work, Health and Career on Tuesday 4 April 2023.

From 19.00-20.00hrs (CET) there will be an online Q&A about the Work, Health and Career master's programme hosted by the programme director Inge Houkes.

From 20.00-21.00hrs (CET) Prof. Angelique de Rijk, Phd will host an online workshop about Preventing Burnout. 

You can join both sessions or just one. Please register below. 

Please read here more information about the online workshop:


Want to avoid burnout? Take a trampoline!

More than 17% of the Dutch employees have complaints of burnout, and this percentage is even higher in other countries. The World Health Organization has acknowledged burnout as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion are key. Burnout is included in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases as an occupational phenomenon.

How being diagnosed ‘burnout’ by an occupational physician be prevented? In this lecture, the most important scientific knowledge on factors affecting burnout will be summarized in a simple, five-factor model: the trampoline model. Using this model will keep your colleagues, your clients - and oneself – resilient, which is key to avoid burnout. 

Angelique de Rijk (1969) has been working at the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences since 1999; in 2017 she was appointed full professor in Work and Health. She is one of the teachers in the Master Work, Health & Career and studied – among other topics – burnout in care for the elderly, burnout among students, burnout and sickness absence and the role of managers in recognizing early signals of burnout. She is member of the international consortium on the Burnout Assessment Tool.