Knowledge College & Summerdrinks 

22 June 2023

We are happy to be holding a live edition of our annual
Invest in Holland Knowledge College and Summer Drinks in Rotterdam!

On behalf of this year’s hosts, Rotterdam Partners, Innovation Quarter and NFIA, you are cordially invited to attend this Invest in Holland network event at BIRD in Rotterdam.  

This year is extra special because almost all NFIA project managers and marcom colleagues from around the world will be present.

If you haven't signed up yet, please do so and confirm your presence - for either the Knowledge College or the drinks, or both - in this Registration Form 

The Knowledge College is being organized by four participants from the current Invest in Holland Academy group:  Diederik (Horizon Flevoland) Jorrit (Rotterdam Partners) Niek and Gerbrand (both NFIA).  

They will dive into the topic of ‘Successful Collaboration’.

In this 2-hour session you will hear more from Invest in Holland partners
and keynote speakers in interactive sessions and panel discussions -
all with some humour on the side.

The improv comedy group Boom Chicago  will lead us through the program,
so sit back and expect an informative and fun session!








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