On this page you can sign up for different events, activities and trainings of the Sexual Safety Programme. If you select one of the trainings or activities you can find more information on them. 

Student Council

The Student Councils are organised by the Sexual Safety Programme to get feedback on our activities, communications and other programme output. In general, we try to focus on one or two topics during the meeting to be able to fully discuss a certain topic. Sometimes we ask you to prepare something in advance, such as read the text about the programme on the website or look at our current activities and what you are missing in what we offer.

Below you can sign up for the upcoming Student Councils. If you are unable to join the council you have signed up for, please deregister!

Flip the Script

Flip the Script with EAAA is an empowerment and sexual violence resistance programme open to women under the age of 26 of all sexual identities.


The traditional script around sexual assault blames the victim and perpetuates a common belief that there is little that women can do to protect themselves. Our programme ‘flips that script’! A victim is never at fault for sexual assault, and we can learn skills to enhance our safety.

We do not focus solely on situations that are unhealthy or unsafe, but also on feeling confident and comfortable in knowing what you desire and deserve in a healthy relationship, sexual or otherwise.

The programme will be held at UM Sports. Please leave your phone number for updates on the exact location. For any further questions please contact 

Breaking Barriers: Conversations on Gender, Sexuality, and Colour


Nowadays, we are often preoccupied with our identity. ‘’Where are you really from?‘’, ‘’How queer do you have to be to fit in?‘’, ‘’Is it OK to just cheat if you're open?‘’.


Discrimination, ambiguity, and biases. More and more young people are seizing the opportunity to explore their gender or sexuality, but labeling, traditional boxes, and stereotypical expectations get in the way. During this evening, we will discuss boxes and expectations with experts: someone who is trans and someone of color. Bring your questions!


Experts are Vesper Visser from Rutgers and Tuyet Stooker from Colored Qollective



Time and dates: Thursday evening June 20 

Walk-in 19:00

Start 19:15

Workshop 19:15-20:45

After talk (for participants) from 20:45 onwards


Number of students: maximum 25 

Target group: queer students and queer students of color (but everyone is welcome to learn)

*please understand that students who are members of these communities may be prioritized to participate if we have reached capacity

Lumière - How to Have Sex + Aftertalk

Where does consent end and coercion begin? Following the special screening of How to Have Sex, a film that explores the concept of 'consent' through the lens of a group of English girlfriends on a party holiday, the Sexual Safety Programme of Maastricht University is organizing a post-screening discussion (in English).



19:15 Doors open

19:30 Start film

21:15 Start aftertalk


Buy your tickets here

Please note! You cannot sign up for the event through this form. All registrations go through Lumiere through the link above.


Why watch this film?
“The film has powerful and vital messages about consent when it comes to sex, which will be sure to start important conversations.”
“And at its heart, How to Have Sex is a film about the complex and contradictory emotions of friendship. It’s about connection and how individuals treat one another.”



After the credits roll and the lights come up, extend your movie experience with an Aftertalk—a captivating post-screening discussion and reflection led by experts. Join us for a conversation on sexual violence, alcohol & drugs. Joyce Grul, Programme Manager Sexual Safety at Maastricht University will be the moderator.


Ticket fee is only €6,-, including a drink. 


This movie illustrates the ‘grey area’ of sexual violence. If you would like to talk to someone about your sexual violence experience or you need support, you can contact Centrum Seksueel Geweld (Sexual Assault Center). They are available 24/7 and their support is free and anonymous. You can call (0800-0188) or chat with them. If you are a student from Maastricht University, you can also contact the Social Safety Team.