I would like to sign up for the event on Thursday 22 June 2023 to connect and discuss the future of the UnliMited Network. 

Please also indicate if you would like to attend the pre-event Stretch & Relax session below.




The next question is about your preferred language. Discussion groups about the future of UnliMited might be conducted in both English and Dutch depending on the demand. 


During the event pictures will be taken and published on the internet (social media, newsletter etc) and/or for future promotion of events by UnliMited-Students. We are asking for your permission and will respect what you decide.

Tijdens het evenement worden foto's gemaakt om op internet te plaatsen (sociale media, nieuwsbrief etc) en/of voor gebruik ter promotie van toekomstige evenementen van UnliMited-Students. We vragen hiervoor je toestemming en respecteren je besluit.