Training - Mindfulness (series of three sessions)

  • How can mindfulness help me in my daily life and study?
  • What is mindfulness and how can I integrate it in my life?
  • I want to be more mindful but where do I start?


In this mindfulness training, we practice to be fully aware of the present moment, without judgement or attachment. It is the act of paying deliberate attention to your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment with a non-reactive and accepting attitude. This training offers a first introduction to mindfulness and gives you the opportunity to practice it throughout three 1.5-hour sessions.


Mindfulness can have many benefits on your life, including stress-reduction, improved focus, concentration and regulation of your emotions.


After the training you:

  • Know different kind of mindfulness exercises
  • Have practiced to be more mindful in your daily life and you have experienced which exercises you prefer.
  • Hopefully will continue to practice mindfulness and experience the many benefits…

This workshop takes place at UM SPORTS, we will ask you to take of your shoes when entering the practice room. Please be aware it can be colder in the room so we advise you to bring a sweater or vest.


Cancellation arrangement:

If you are not able to attend in the first session, please be aware that you cannot register for this training!

In case you cannot attend in the second or third session please send an email 24 hours before the start to:



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