Meditation Class

  • I never have meditated, how do you do that?
  • Is meditation something for me?
  • Can meditation be a helpful tool for me to cope with my daily struggles?


In this 30 minute meditation class you will be guided through different exercises to experience and practice meditation. Meditation is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years but still is very applicable in our daily life. Meditation can help to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and focus and much more.

In this class we will focus on experiencing meditation ourselves through different exercises.

This class is suitable for everybody, whether you have experience with meditation or not and can be followed as many times as you like.

This class takes place at UM SPORTS, we will ask you to take of your shoes when entering the practice room. Please be aware it can be colder in the room so we advise you to bring a sweater or vest.




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