Upcoming events 


Networking event 

With the new academic year ahead, finding connections with different student organisations is crucial. As board members of a student organisation in Maastricht, you are warmly invited to the annual networking event of the SIH to get to know the board members of several student organisations. Join us for a drink, some delicious pizza and interesting conversations. UM staff will be present as well.

Tuesday 3/10/23 - Tapijnkazerne 21 (KALEIDO) - 19h to 22h


Workshop Finance & Funding 

Learn more about the funding possibilities for student organisations. Information on board months, the University Fund Limburg and Stimuleringsfonds is provided. You'll also receive information on managing your finances as a student organisation.

Tuesday 24/10/23 - Tapijnkazerne 21 (KALEIDO) - 16h to 18h 


Workshop Talk that Talk - sign up here 

The aim of the serious game Talk That Talk is to encourage a public dialogue about sexually transgressive behaviour against students in Dutch higher education in order to promote ethical bystander behaviour. The serious game is played in a facilitated environment in small groups of 4 to 6 participants. During the game, the participants are addressed as bystanders.

Wednesday 15/11/23 - Tapijnkazerne 23 (EDLAB) room 0.110 - 12h30 to 14h and 14h30 to 16h


Workshop Event Organising & Promotion 

Learn more about organising events and promoting your organisation to your target audience. Apply the learning in action through an interactive walkthrough led by event expert Koen de Witte. Learn the ins and outs of social media from the social media managers of mymaastricht.nl.

Wednesday 06/12/23 - Tapijnkazerne 21 (KALEIDO) - 16h to 18h