Training – Giftedness (peer-to-peer sessions) 2023-2024

  • Do you often feel different from others, but you don’t know why?             
  • Do you experience external stimuli intensely?
  • Do you have difficulties with maintaining motivation and interest when working on something for a longer period of time?
  • Do you doubt (yourself) a lot and do you always have questions?
  • Are you interested in many different things?                                 

If you recognize yourself in some of these questions, this peer to peer meetings might support you. Contrary to the stereotype, giftedness is not just having good cognitive abilities or an IQ above 130. It also entails having various characteristics, including high sensitivity, doubt and a critical attitude. These characteristics may add an extra layer of complexity to seemingly common problems. How nice would it be to talk about these topics with others?

During these informal gatherings, we discuss giftedness. The aim of these meetings is to increase your knowledge about giftedness and to share some insights and experiences in a casual atmosphere with fellow peers. You don’t have to be officially ‘diagnosed’ with giftedness to join the meetings: also if you’re just interested in one of the themes and/or you recognize yourself in the description, you’re welcome! Furthermore, you can sign in for all meetings separately, so you can choose which topics interest you the most!


Tuesday June 11th 2024

Giftedness and development of identity




Peer to Peer Meeting Tuesday 11th of June – Giftedness and development of identity.


"Although identity is never static, developing it is a crucial step in a young person’s life. The development of an identity that corresponds to your goals and ideals can be distorted by the asynchronous development that we often see in gifted people. The positive traits, such as being analytical, can quickly turn into an overly critical mindset, hindering development and leading to a reassessment of where they stand in a group, in society or in relation to an ideal self.


In this peer-to-peer meeting, we will discuss what identity is, some of the main models of identity formation, and what can happen when this process is distorted. Together, we’ll discuss ways in which giftedness influences this process, how this has affected personal development, where we stand now and how we can use this information to move forward."



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