Realizing Hybrid Storage -
a FLEXINet workshop

FLEXINet organizes this symposium on the impact of realizing hybrid storage. 

In the context of the FLEXINet project, an hybrid energy storage system is being built at district level. 

This hybrid storage system combines different types of energy storage technologies, including both heat storage and various battery technologies. The synergy between these technologies allows the hybrid system to outperform a single storage device.

Additionally, an electric vehicle and innovative underground power electronics are integrated into the system to explore cutting-edge storage, heat, and communication solutions for future homes.

A demonstration of this system is currently being prepared at The Green Village on the TU Delft Campus.

There are currently two key knowledge gaps in this project:
1. How to activate and let interact different state-of-the-art storage and heat technologies?
2. Integral hybrid storage: how are we going to manage this smartly?

At this symposium, an overview is being given of solutions that are being developed.