What is ISAP?


ISAP, also known as the UM Buddy Programme, attempts to help new students adapt to life in Maastricht by pairing you and a group of other new students, with an ambassador/buddy (a current student at UM) during your first weeks in the city.

Your ambassador/buddy will be there to guide you through the process, help you settle in and make the switch to university in the Netherlands easier for you. In addition, the ISAP team organises various social activities for you and your ambassador/buddy to take part in, giving you the opportunity to meet other new international students and get to discover Maastricht in a fun way.

What do previous participants think about ISAP?
Here are some testimonials from participants from last year:

“Joining ISAP was one of the best decisions I made when coming to Maastricht. ISAP allowed me to meet people that I will certainly consider friends moving forward. It also taught me about Maastricht in general and how the city (and the country) works. 

Coming from a place outside the EU could become a challenge. Thankfully, ISAP (and the lovely people that are part of it) were willing to help and explain what are the priorities here and how we should go about it.”
Jorge (Data Science master student at UM)

“Being a part of ISAP has really enabled me to settle easily into the Maastricht community. While the activities they organised were extremely fun and some enabled me to gain significant information on Maastricht and Dutch culture in general, I also was able to make friends with a lot of like-minded people in different faculties who I never would have met without ISAP.”
Leyla (Exchange student at UM)

"I’m so glad I joined ISAP! I got to meet people from all faculties and cultures, make lasting friendships, and discover more of what this city has to offer. Maastricht feels more like home to me now!"
Maïlys (Medical student at UM)


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