Red&Blue Newsletter input

Dear Red&Blue consortium member, thank you for taking time to share your valuable input for Red&Blue!

By keeping track of information such as (Red&Blue related) events you visited, projects you contributed to, research progress, outputs, relevant news articles) we can collect a good overview of the outreach we have, where Red&Blue knowledge is being developed/shared and what consortium members have been up to. 

Your input will be of use for our growing Red&Blue community and will be shared via the Red&Blue newsletter to be published on the website as well. Also, we use this input for the yearly NWO progress reports.

Every end of the year, we will ask you to share your Red&Blue related outputs e.g. journal/conference articles, blogs, reports, etc., you have published in the past year, this is also a requirement for NWO. 

For the same reason as aforementioned, we are very much interested in knowing  the activities of our consortium members that are/might be relevant to the Red&Blue project and to the community, in general.

For any newsletter remarks/ideas or questions, don't hesitate to contact the coordination team via