ADHD and/or Autism - Exploring Your Inner Signals: Enhancing Emotion and Body Awareness
Are you a student with ADHD and/or Autism (formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed or strong suspicion), and you...
  • struggle to pick up on your emotions at an early stage?
  • find yourself surprised by the intensity of your emotions in certain situations?
  • avoid certain situations or tasks because of the emotions they might generate?
  • feel paralyzed or bored, unable to engage with activities or tasks?
  • only become aware of your body states when they reach extreme levels? For example, only realizing that you are thirsty when you are already dehydrated?
  • experience difficulty in reaching a balanced state where you feel safe, connected, and grounded?
In this training, participants will...
  • gain insight into the neurodivergent nervous system.
  • recognize how emotions and behaviour are influenced by imbalances in internal states
  • get a taste of some techniques for understanding their internal states and how to navigate them to feel more in balance
  • share personal experiences and reflections with peers.
The training will be facilitated by Eva Ipektzidou and Gesa Lange who work as student counsellors at SBE and UCM respectively. They are part of the project team Embracing Neurodiversity: Let’s Talk about ADHD and Autism funded by a UM Diversity & Inclusivity Grant. They are committed to creating a safe and welcoming space at UM where neurodivergent individuals can voice their needs, get suitable help, and feel understood.
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