Registration working at the Bachelor's Open Day on Saturday 24 February 2024


In a few months, Maastricht University will host the Bachelor's Open Day again. It will take place on Saturday 24 February from 8:00 until 16:30. To make this day a success we, Team Central, need your enthusiasm and help!


You have to possess a Dutch health insurance and a residence permit (because this is mandatory by law) for the payment and an InterUM contract. Unfortunately, you cannot register if you do not have an EU and/or Swiss nationality.

In addition, please do not register here if you already plan to help at your faculty as an ambassador. Your work as a faculty ambassador always has priority over work for Team Central. The functions below have nothing to do with the activities at the faculties. You cannot register for both!


If you would like to work for us at the Bachelor's Open Day, please fill out this form. You are free to share this form with your friends!


The mandatory briefing will be held on Tuesday 20 February from 18:15 until 19:00 so please save the date!


It would be very helpful if you fill in all questions, also the ones that are not obligatory. We use the information to create a diverse group of students, presenting Maastricht University as well as possible.


Maastricht University handles your personal information with care. For more information about how we use your personal information, you can read the attached privacy statement.


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