Dear Graduate,  

Congratulations on successfully completing the masters programme! We are thrilled and proud of your achievement in reaching this significant milestone.

To honor your success, we have organized a special graduation ceremony just for you. We warmly invite you to join us for this momentous occasion on March 21st 2024 , at the Auditorium at Kralingsezoom (Kralingse Zoom 91, 3063 ND Rotterdam). During this event, we will celebrate the accomplishments of all students who graduated from the Masters programme.   


Please take note of the following important details:   

· Registering for the ceremony is essential to secure your attendance. If you do not register you cannot attend.   

· Each graduate is welcome to bring a maximum of two guests to the ceremony.   

· The registration deadline is March 13th, 2023, at 23:59 hrs.   

· Those who have not yet signed their diploma can do so before the graduation ceremony ( Please Indiate this in the registration form)    

. In the registration form, you need to upload a picture of yourself. This picture will be used during the graduation ceremony on the big screen.  

· Parking is not available at Kralingsezoom, we strongly recommend using public transportation.  

· For any inquiries regarding the ceremony, please feel free to contact us 


 The exact programme schedule is in the email attachment.  

Kind regards,

Masters department