OWee 2024


How exciting that you're going to study in Delft! With this form, you can register for both the Delft Introduction Week (OWee) and the Freshman Weekend (EJW) of your study. It's also possible to sign up for just the OWee or just the EJW, but participating in both is, of course, the most fun! There's no better way to start your student life!


The OWee takes place from Sunday, August 18, to Thursday, August 22. The digital (half) day of the OWee is on Monday, August 12. During the OWee, you'll get to explore everything Delft has to offer in terms of study, culture, sports, and leisure activities, and you can discover all the sports and student associations. You'll also get to know the city and campus before the first lectures begin.


If you register for the OWee via this form and receive a confirmation email, you're guaranteed participation.


If you have any questions, you can always email or call +31(0)15-2786709 in urgent cases.


See you at the OWee!


Image Material Disclaimer

During the OWee, image material is captured. We handle the use of photos and videos in publications afterward with care and integrity. We mainly use them for the website and social media platforms. If you disagree with any posted photos where you are depicted, you can object to the OWee Board by emailing, and it will be removed.

Basic Information

Please enter below the address where you want to receive all mail for the OWee and the Freshman Weekend.

Other details

Do you have any other allergies/dietary requirements? Please specify as clearly as possible below.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every request, but we will try to accommodate everyone as much as possible.

During the OWee, there will be a lot of walking involved. If you think that something might still be possible, please contact us at We can work together to find a solution and see if you can still participate in the physical OWee.

During the physical OWee, you'll need a bicycle. It's important that you have your own bicycle with you. In the confirmation email of your registration, you'll find an overview of how to get a bicycle.


Since there's only a limited number of OV-bicycles available at Delft station, we recommend arranging your own bicycle in advance that is already in Delft. This could be a bicycle borrowed from someone in the neighborhood or the bicycle you'll use during your studies in Delft.


If you're unable to ride a bike during the OWee due to a (physical) limitation, please contact us at so we can find a suitable solution.


For master's students at TU Delft, there is a separate introduction program called the Introduction programme (IP). During this event, you'll also get acquainted with the campus and the city, other master's students, the study culture of TU Delft, and the academic skills you'll need during your studies.


It is allowed for master's students to participate in the OWee. However, please be aware that the focus of the OWee is on incoming students and high school students, so the program may not always align with the needs of senior students.

We recommend second-year students and older to sign up as mentors during the OWee; we really need your help. In that case, you can experience the OWee yourself and also show a group of new students everything Delft has to offer.

Keep an eye on our social media to be informed when registrations for mentors open!

If you still want to participate in the OWee, of course, you're welcome to do so, and you can continue filling out the form.


If you are going to study a program that consists of a combination of two or more universities and one of these universities is TU Delft, then you may fill in TU Delft for the next question.

Participation EJW

The following questions are posed on behalf of the study association of Architecture, D.B.S.G. Stylos.






The following questions are asked on behalf of the Electrical Engineering Study Association, the Electrotechnische Vereeniging.

The following question is asked on behalf of the study association of Industrial Design Engineering, ID.

The following question is asked on behalf of the study association of Clinical Technology, Variscopic.


The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Aerospace Engineering, 'VSV Leonardo da Vinci'.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Marine Technology, S.G. 'William Froude'.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Nanobiology, 'S.V.N.B. Hooke'.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Applied Physics, the Vereniging voor Technische Physica.


The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Mechanical Engineering, 'Gezelschap Leeghwater'.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Industrial engineering & Management, 'Bedrijfskundig Genootschap'.


Bring your favorite bottle of alcohol!

The following questions are asked on behalf of the board of the study association of green studies, FMC.


The following question is asked on behalf of the board of the study association for technical studies, Sipke Wynia.

Participation OWee

The OWee 2024 consists of several program components, which are explained below:


OWee App:
When you register as a participant for the OWee, you will gain access to the OWee App. Here, you can discover everything about student life in Delft during the summer holidays, in the form of videos, interviews, and much more! During the OWee, you can also find your personalized schedule here.


Digital (half) day:
This day takes place online on Monday, August 12th. On this day, several guests will give talks, followed by some fun online events. For example, there will be discussions about the associations in Delft, student stories will be shared, and you'll get a taste of the student tips that will make your first year easier!


The physical OWee takes place from Sunday, August 18th, to Thursday, August 22nd. The week is packed with fun activities to get to know all aspects of student life, make friends, and get to know your way around this beautiful city! Every day there are events that will prepare you completely for the start of this new phase by the end of the week!


Registration fees:
The registration fee for the OWee is €98.50. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 5 days of activities are included in this price. During the events, you can also consume drinks. There shall only be options to pay by card.


During the OWee, sleeping accommodations in Delft are provided. You can choose to stay in a student house: a Sleep-Inn house! Staying overnight in student houses allows you to get to know older students from Delft and experience what it's like to live in a student house right away!


If you prefer not to stay in a student house, we also offer dormitories where you can stay during the OWee. These are mixed dormitories, but with separate sanitary facilities. You can indicate your preference below.


Let us know if you still need a place to stay for the OWee; it's often difficult to arrange this yourself during the OWee. If you already have accommodation in Delft, this is, of course, not necessary.


There is only a limited number of sleeping accommodations available. If you manage to arrange your own sleeping accommodations or have already found a place to stay and no longer need the OWee sleeping spot, please cancel your OWee sleeping spot! You can do this by emailing This way, you will receive a partial refund, and you ensure that someone else can take your spot.

You have indicated that you do not want to use the sleeping accommodations offered by the OWee. Please be aware that it is your own responsibility to arrange a place to stay; the OWee will not be able to assist with this anymore.

This way, they can contact you if you can't find the house. Your information will be handled confidentially.


To start off your student life fully prepared, here are some useful examples below!

**If participating in the OWee presents financial difficulties, we kindly ask you to contact us via email at

€ 2.50
€ 98.50

Total: € 101.00