Your Welll-Being, Your Strength:

follow up session Positive Health for students with a disability and/or chronic disease 


You can only sign up for this session if you attended the first workshop ‘Your Well-Being, Your Strength: Exploring Positive Health for students with a disability and/or chronic disease’ on May 7.


Continuing from our first session, this 1.5-hour intervision workshop offers a supportive space to meet up, reflect, and share progress and challenges. It is an opportunity to check in on your health journey and build upon the insights gained from the initial workshop.


During this session, you will:

• Share your experiences and developments since the first workshop, focusing on the application of Positive Health in your daily life.

• Engage in reflective dialogues with peers, offering and receiving insights and support.

• Discuss challenges and successes in implementing your personalized health action plans.

• Collaborate to find new approaches for ongoing improvement and resilience.


This intervision session aims to foster a community of support, encouraging continuous engagement with Positive Health principles, tailored to your unique experiences.


If you have any wishes regarding the accessibility of this event or if you have any questions about this, please send an email to


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