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Get a taste of the atmosphere with a nice retrospective of the 2022 Experience Days

Experience Days 2024: Meet the changemakers!​​

We are delighted to invite you to step into our clients' world by participating in the Experience Days. On these days, we visit our business clients to see first-hand how savers' and investors' money is working towards positive change.


This year's Experience Days are on Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 June between 11am and 5pm.


Would you like to experience that transformative power of money for yourself? An inclusive society, art that inspires and builds bridges, more space for nature, a fair and social society, a different food system? Get inspired by the stories of real changemakers and meet your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere!


We have selected organisations and projects from our loan portfolio, linked to one or more transition themes from Vision 2030.

Register now: choose a day and a business client

  1. You pick 1 day to join.

  2. You choose 1 client to go to, per day you can choose from five business clients.

  3. A maximum of 50 co-workers can go to a client. Full=full, so choose a client you like or are curious about quickly.

  4. Make sure your application is in by Wednesday 29 May at the latest. Whoever applies first has the most choice, so don't wait too long.


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