You are cordially invited to the Graduation Show of the Willem de Kooning Academy from  July 3- 6, 2024. For four days, we will show graduation work and projects by an extraordinary group of young artists, designers, educators and producers..
This years' Graduation Show is built on four physical platforms and one online platform.  
Exhibition | Where graduates present work related to four areas: Autonomous, Commercial, Social Practices, and the Honours Programme.   

Store | For displaying and selling books, limited edition items, and fashion.  

Stage | Platform where you can participate in panel talks alongside other graduates, discussing various themes. 

Film Festival | A film festival featuring a curated programme (no installations), interactive Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and roundtable discussions at KINO Rotterdam.

Graduation Catalogue | An online platform where the work and projects of graduates are available for access.


Curious for more information, stories and the latest news? Keep an eye on our webpage and socials for updates regarding the extensive programme.