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Powered by: TU Delft AgTech Institute, KeyGene, Koppert Biological Systems and Koppert Cress

We have noticed that companies in the international horticulture and agricultural industry are very excited to meet talented and technical TU Delft master students. At the same time, we noticed excitement with TU Delft master students to explore and connect with companies in the horticultural and agricultural sector. This tour is to bring both worlds together.

During the tour we will visit 3 companies, Keygene, Koppert Biological Systems and Koppert Cress to inspire you with some of the most innovative frontrunners in the sector.

  • KeyGene is the go-to plant research company for technological innovations for crop improvement. Its facilities have state-of-the-art laboratories focused on next generation sequencing, cell & tissue culture and plant phenotyping. KeyGene’s greenhouses and growth room facilities are equipped for advanced plant & food research.


  • Koppert Biological Systems supports growers in more than 100 countries to successfully apply sustainable growing methods to improve plant health (above and under ground). It creates natural enemies such as bumblebees for pollination, microbials, and biostimulants that support, protect, and strengthen crops as alternative for chemical. Improving plant health both above and underground.
  • Koppert Cress is always on the lookout for natural, innovative ingredients which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma, or presentation of their dishes; products that meet the increasingly stringent requirements of restaurants worldwide. The assortment consist of freshly-sprouted seedlings (cresses) and other edible leaves and flowers (specialties) from 100% natural aromatic plants. Read more about Koppert Cress on their company website and in this article about TU Delft start ups.


At May 12th the tour bus will leave at 8:00 in the morning from TU Delft campus and we will be back in Delft before 18:30. Lunch is included. Please sign up at the registration website.

Please sign up via the registration page. Note that the places available are limited, so in case you are registered but won't be able to join after all, we kindly ask you to deregister to make your spot available to another TU Delft Master student.

More detailed information and updates on the tour will be shared later with those who join us on the tour!

For questions, please reach out to Eva Frese e.m.frese@tudelft.nl.