Best Value Training for Clients

4 training sessions from 8.00-11.30 on Jan 19,21,26,28

specifically for contracting authorities (buying organizations)

(to secure a seat go here to the registration page and earn your B or B+ certificate)


* How do we ensure that we start purchasing more efficiently?
* How can we further professionalize our procurement?
* How can we make more use of the knowledge and expertise of contractors?
* How can we minimize our risks?
* Why do contractors often disappoint us? 
* How do we find the best suppliers?

These are questions that currently live with many organizations.

In this training, aimed specifically for clients, our trainers argue that a paradigm change is needed to achieve renewal in the supply chain: from "controlling, directing and managing suppliers" to "letting go and to trust based on expertise". From managing by the client to being led by the contractor. Like a mountain expedition wants to be guided to the top by the expert guide.

We will lay out a method (the Best Value method) whereby suppliers are given maximum opportunity to differentiate themselves from each other. This allows the purchasing organization to identify the best supplier with little energy. The result is a chain that is more accountable and delivers better results.

This training will show you how Best Value works. The training is suitable for project managers, technical specialists, purchasers,  and other managers at buying organizations. The training is provided by the most experienced A + Best Value trainers in Europe (and the only Best Value training specifically for buying organizations). The training days are very interactive and there is plenty of room for questions. 


After completion of the course you will receive your B+ certificate.


The investment in this (online) training amounts to € 900. 

(to secure a seat go here to the registration page and earn your B+ certificate)


Interested in an in-company Best Value workshop? We would be happy to organize a tailor-made Best Value training for you. Send an email to for more inquiries. 



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