Brains4Buildings project

Brains4Buildings is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder program focused on developing methods to harness big data from smart meters, building management systems and the Internet of Things devices, to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, respond flexibly to user behaviour and local energy supply and demand, and save on installation maintenance costs. This will be done through the development of faster and more efficient Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models and algorithms. The project is geared to utility buildings such as commercial and institutional buildings.

The B4B project was developed within the framework of BTIC, a partnership of various parties in the construction industry. The goal of BTIC is to ensure that open, multi-year knowledge and open innovation programs are are implemented whereby the content of the various initiatives are aligned and the results are shared as widely as possible.

The project is being led by TU Delft. The project consortium is made up of 40 organizations, including knowledge institutions, installation companies, energy consultancies, platform/interface developers, building owners and managers, technology suppliers, industry associations and other subject matter experts.

Brains4Buildings is working toward the development of affordable smart software that is ready for broad market uptake. It will run from 2021-2025.

As of February 2022 we have started organising monthly webinars wherein professionals are highlighting actual topics within the smart buildings spectrum.