Title webinar: Setup of smart building living lab 


Buildings will increasingly need to be able to adapt to fluctuations in energy supplies to meet the end-user comfort demand. To this end, buildings have to generate and buffer energy on a aggregated level and provide a customized climate on a local level. On both levels there is a need for anticipating controls which can learn from past and forecast future building behavior.

Over the last decade Kropman as a company has invested in its office in Breda with the setup of a ‘living lab’. Multiple students, PhD’s and PDEngs have conducted research in this real life office environment on topics, like:

  • Optimize energy consumption with combining solar panels and battery storage.
  • Individual climate control with local supply of heating, cooling and fresh air (climate desk).
  • Individual lighting system.
  • Influence of light intensity and color on employee performance and comfort.
  • Fault Detection and Diagnosis.

The common denominator for all mentioned topics is that they all heavily rely on both historical and real time data coming from multiple sources.

This data needs to be made accessible to be used for applications like machine learning and direct control. This seminar will give an insight in how Kropman’s InsiteSuite software solutions provides access to all applicable building data and supplies tools to build advanced anticipating controls.



Jan- Willem Dubbeldam: head of the Technical Competence Center within Kropman for the past 13 years.

TCC is a software development department where several software components included in the InsiteSuite are build and maintained. The department is also involved in several research projects like Brains4Buildings and has an advisory role for the building automation departments within Kropman.







13 October 2022

16:00 - 17:00